Clear Deer Park’s Sidewalk Snow!

The Issue:

As one of Toronto’s most vibrant and established communities, Deer Park has built its reputation as a safe neighbourhood with family residences, high and low-rise apartments and office buildings, restaurants, shops, and more.

Currently, the City of Toronto clears the snow and ice for high and low pedestrian volume sidewalks in most of the city, including in Forest Hill, and other nearby communities, but Deer Park continues to go without this important service, and is ignored.

The City of Toronto indicates that snow and ice clearing is done for high and low pedestrian volume sidewalks, established by their proximity to transit routes and near school zones, amongst other requirements.

As a neighbourhood which borders Upper Canada College, St. Clair and Davisville TTC stations, the 512 St. Clair TTC streetcar, and several religious institutions, residents of the area regard Deer Park as a neighbourhood which fits the requirements upheld by the City of Toronto and feel strongly it should be eligible for sidewalk snow and ice clearing.

Currently, Deer Park residents are responsible for the clearing of sidewalks within 12 hours of a storm. Additionally, residents are also responsible for the remediation of slippery sidewalks by use of sidewalk ashes, sand, salt, or other materials. According to Municipal Code Chapter 719, failure to clear snow and/or remediate slippery surfaces could result in a fine totalling $125.00.

Residents care about maintaining the safety and cultural heritage of our streets. That is why we are advocating for the City of Toronto to extend sidewalk snow plowing and ice removal to Deer Park, defined as south of Chaplin Crescent, west of Yonge Street, north of St.Clair Avenue, and east of Oriole Parkway and Avenue Road.

Snow plowing for Deer Park would create a safer pedestrian, cyclist, and driver experience, while increasing functionality and livability for those who call Deer Park home.

Clearing sidewalks of snow and ice for Deer Park residents is long overdue.

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